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Effective internal communication is the key to bottom-line performance.

Internal Communications

H ow do you engage and motivate your employees —- your most important asset? The ability of an organization to conduct a meaningful dialogue with its employees has a direct bearing on productivity, quality, safety, customer loyalty and employee retention. At SymPoint Communications, we help you implement a balance of formal and informal employee communication through newsletters, e-mail, group meetings, and credible face-to-face conversation. By engaging your employees every day, you demonstrate that you value their contribution and they, in turn, will work to further your organization’s mission.

SymPoint Communications also facilitates workshops using Open Space Technology, a meeting facilitation method that allows participants to create and manage their own agenda around a central theme or question. Built around the principle that people are essentially self organizing, OST workshops allows groups from 5 to 500 – working in one-day sessions, three-day conferences, or the regular weekly staff meeting – to accelerate brainstorming, networking, planning, and action, inspiring individual leadership and increased organizational performance.